We help provide our clients with restful nights, knowing they have a plan that renders the market’s daily ups and downs irrelevant to their future prosperity.

Watch as Director of Research Larry Swedroe explains how we base everything we do and what we recommend on the latest academic research, not our opinion. "Investing, in order to be successful, not only requires a deep knowledge of the theory of finance, an understanding of markets, but you also need a deep history to understand how markets work and what products mix well together to build a portfolio."


Thoughts from SamBuilding A Relationship

Managing wealth isn't simply about acquiring assets. It's about you.

That's why our services focus on you: Discovering and achieving what matters to you, providing distinct solutions to address the financial complexities in your life and keeping those solutions relevant for you over time. Building an ongoing relationship with you is integral to all that we do.


In-DepthOur Investment Philosophy

Many financial service firms offer an approach based on "active management." Active management assumes that the markets are generally inefficient, allowing clever individuals to regularly exploit and profit from the anomalies. And yet, there is overwhelming academic evidence that the collective wisdom of all market players - especially in today's electronic era - results in highly efficient markets. Markets reflect fair pricing almost instantaneously upon release of any good or bad price-related news.

We heed this academic wisdom and offer a "passive management" approach. Experience tells us that the opportunities to exploit market inefficiencies are too few and far between to effectively and affordably pursue. Many investors realize that a passive investment approach offers many benefits when compared with an active investment approach. Passive investing involves buying and holding market components, whereas an active investor or fund manager tries to pick the next winning stock or time where the market is headed next. A passive approach offers these major benefits:

  • By holding entire market components, one maximizes the benefits of diversification
  • By “tilting” the portfolio to riskier or less risky components, the investor can expect to capture the highest market return given his or her risk tolerance.
  • The investor maintains control over his or her own portfolio’s components (by avoiding active funds’ tendency to style drift without the investor’s knowledge)
  • Expenses can be minimized
  • Tax efficiency can be maximized
Offering an advisor relationship built on personal effort and integrity, Dental Wealth Advisors serves as a Registered Investment Advisor providing fee-only investment management support to individuals, families, corporations, qualified retirement plans, partnerships, not-for-profits - anyone with a desire to pursue long-term financial objectives.

We have created a place where the processes are understandable, where investing and wealth strategy just feel right.